Renting a food truck for a wedding is a great way to reduce your wedding’s cost. Catering services aren’t getting any cheaper, and many venues charge a bit too much, especially if yo ask your regular newlywed’s budget.

Despite being in the business for a long time, most people don’t understand how renting food trucks for weddings actually works, and they’re afraid of trying a new, hip thing. Most people just opt for what the venue manager tells them, and the venue’s manager will most likely suggest his friend’s catering service.

How to negotiate a lower price per platter in advance

Not many people know that you can strike up a fair deal with the food truck. Food trucks love two things: predictability and saving money. If you have a long, honest talk about what menu options you’d want to see at your wedding, you and the owner can often come to a very nice compromise. If you have a smaller menu, you’ll have to pay less and the owner will have to get less supplies and make the meals more efficiently.

Can a food truck cater to a wedding in any location?

In short, no, they can’t. You have to have a designated food truck parking spot. Food trucks can’t cater in most national or city parks due to the laws, and many venues will not allow a food truck to cater there. Most venues have their in-house catering services or a deal with a specific catering service, and they aren’t likely to let the competition in.

Food trucks can cater in any place they can legally park and operate. This includes private property, so if you’re looking to get wed in private land, the food truck is allowed to park and operate there.

Are food trucks considered unhygienic or trashy?

This is a question we get a lot, and honestly I’m always offended. Food trucks of today have to follow strict restaurant codes and be extremely clean and functional. There are almost daily checks and an almost endless stream of laws, regulations and other bureaucratic nonsense we have to abide by.

In the past, food trucks (often jokingly called roach coaches) were pretty lax on their hygiene; today, we abide by a very strict code and we’re often cleaner than most regular brick and mortar restaurants.

As for the trashy, there are food trucks today that put some four star restaurants to shame. There are serious gourmet meals on wheels that you can enjoy, with a price to match!

In short, food trucks are neither unhygienic or trashy!