Besides the Amazon store, there is not much you can find about Hopekings brand. This may be off-putting for some, but if you need a deep fryer for your small food service business, and you are on a budget, Hopekings deep fryer is a strong contender.

Features Overview

  • Two 1800W immersive type heating elements
  • Adjustable thermostat: between 140 and 392 degrees F.
  • Capacity: 12.7QT/12L(2x6L)
  • Removable oil tanks
  • Residue plate for filtering out the dregs.
hopekings electric fryer review

Hopekings Electric Deep Fryer Review

Design and Build Quality

The Hopekings electric deep fryer is a fairly standard design – a large pot with dual baskets that sit on top of two heating elements. The tank and baskets are made of stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean. The dual baskets are a nice feature, as it allows you to cook multiple items at the same time. The baskets are also fairly large, which is great for cooking larger items. Another feature worth mentioning is the cool-touch handle that allows you to safely pick up the fryer even when it is hot without getting burned.

hopekings professional double fryer

The control panel is located on the front of the unit, and consists of a temperature knob, a timer knob, and a power switch. This deep fryer also comes with a safety shut-off feature that will turn the fryer off if it gets too hot.

The overall build quality feels ok, though some parts feel a bit cheap. It might not be as good as some of the more expensive brands, but it should be more than adequate for most users.


This countertop fryer features two separate oil tanks, 6l each, making the total capacity 12l, or 12.7QT. This is enough to cook fairly large quantities of food, making it ideal for small businesses or preparing food for events.

The size of baskets is 8.8×7.1×4.2 inches. In one basket you can cook about 30oz of french fries, 15 chicken wings, or even a smaller whole chicken.

Heating Element

The dual heating elements are one of the highlights of this fryer. It allows for faster cooking times and even heat distribution, which results in better-tasting food. The 1800W heating elements are “S” shaped, protected by a residue plate.


The Hopekings electric deep fryer heats up quickly and has no problem reaching the desired temperature. The timer knob also works accurately, and the deep fryer will shut off when the timer runs out.

The deep fryer does a good job of cooking food evenly, and the results are generally consistent. While the first impression is good, some customers have reported that one side stopped working a few weeks after purchase. This could be a one-off issue, but it is something to keep in mind.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This deep fryer is fairly easy to clean. All of the removable parts (the tank, baskets, and outer body) can be washed either in the dishwasher or with warm, soapy water. The only part that needs to be cleaned by hand is the residue plate.

The Hopekings electric deep fryer does not have a drain valve, so you will need to carefully pour the oil out when you are finished cooking. It is, however, super easy to dismantle and put back together again.

hopekings fryer assembly

What we liked about Hopekings Electric Fryer

  • Affordable
  • Dual baskets to cook two different types of food at the same time.
  • Large capacity – a total of 12l (12.7QT)
  • 2x1800W heating elements that preheat and recover oil temperature quickly.
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to clean

What we didn’t like

  • Some parts feel a bit cheap
  • A number of customers reported that one side of the deep fryer stopped working after a few weeks.
  • No drain valve – oil must be poured out manually

Who is this product for?

The Hopekings electric deep fryer is a great option for small businesses, commissary kitchens, or those who often cook for large groups of people. It has a large capacity and two powerful heating elements that make it great for cooking large quantities of food. Anyone looking for an affordable, countertop commercial-grade deep fryer should consider this unit.


Avantco F102 – better quality, but more expensive

The Avantco F102 is a 20 lb. dual-tank fryer, perfect for light-duty applications like delis, small sandwich shops, and concession stands. The twin heating elements deliver 3500W of cooking power, ensure fast heat-up and even heat coverage. Considering performance only, it’s a close call between this unit and the Hopekings electric fryer. The build quality and durability is where Avantco excells, but it is also what makes the price of this fryer double the price of the Hopekings’ unit.

avantco f102

WeChef 11.7L – has oil filtration and drain valve

This fryer has almost the same capacity as the Hopekings electric deep fryer, and only one basket, but it offers some features that make it worth the extra cost. For starters, the WeChef fryer comes with an oil filtration system that helps to extend the life of the oil and makes it easier to clean. It also has a drain valve that allows you to easily remove the oil when you are finished cooking.

wechef 11.7l oil drain fryer

Overall, the Hopekings electric fryer is a good option for those looking for a large deep fryer on a budget. The build quality could be better, but the performance is solid and it comes at a fraction of the price of some of the more well-known brands.