Los Angeles is the pulsing center of the food truck scene, offering everything from traditional hot-dogs and burgers, to lobster, gourmet delights and increasingly popular vegan dishes. The Los Angeles food truck scene represents all cultures, with roaming gastrotrucks setting up in new spots you can track through social media or through their websites. Food trucks have become so ubiquitous to the city’s culture that every Friday night a food truck rally is hosted at The Brig’s parking lot on Venice beach. Valet parking will take care of your car as you discover the truck with the most tempting food.

Here at mihogastrotruck.com we celebrate the convenience and great food provided by catering food trucks.

la food trucks

Guerrilla Taco Trucks was inspired by a chef’s dream of making gourmet food accessible on the streets of Los Angeles. This gem of an idea developed into a gastrotruck offering unpretentious fine-dining in a taco. Using locally sourced fresh ingredients, Guerrilla Tacos offers a weekly menu based on the freshest foods available, inspired by the flavor of the latin-based city. Adventurous palettes will appreciate the addition of gooseberries, fresh herbs, red peppers and aged Cheddar, used to complement perennial favorites such as scallops, shrimps and hangar steak. The food truck may move around but it has become part of the culinary landscape of the city’s art district.  They may even cater the next wedding or Quinceanera event you attend.

jogasaki food truck

For incomparable sushi sample the home of the original sushi burrito, Jogasaki Sushi Burrito. In addition to the regular tempting menu this food truck offers a monthly special. Regular items on the menu include spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber and shrimp tempura wrapped in soy paper. An even healthier vegetarian option is available with seaweed salad, avocado and cucumber wrapped in soy paper. Other tempting wrap fillers include crab and tuna. Look out for tacos and wraps with an eel sauce dressing. They encourage appointments for bridal promoters who need to cater outdoor services. You can find their truck stop schedule on their website.

plant based food truck

If you have a hankering for vegan delights you will find the Plant Food For People food truck parked outside the city’s farmers’ markets and other roaming locations. You can be sure not to miss them by checking their schedule on the Roaming Hunger website.  This truck creates tasty and healthy vegan food even committed carnivores will approve. Be sure to try the Super Crazy Taco, organic tacos filled with jackfruit carnitos and topped with slow-cooked pinto beans, tomatillo salsa and cabbage slaw, or a Potato Taco stuffed with cheesy, creamy mashed potato.

free range la food truck

Using free range and the freshest ingredients the Free Range food truck offers breakfast and lunch. Free Range raises the bar for street food and reflects California’s farm and market culture. Try the original free range LA chicken sandwich, comprising tempura fried free range chicken on a toasted Portuguese bun, dressed with whole grain mustard sauce and garnished with Fresno chili coleslaw, or sample the free range protein plate, combining avocados, eggs, chicken sausage patty and slaw.

Los Angeles food trucks aren’t just a convenient place to stop to grab a bite on the run; they are an intrinsic part of this vibrant city offering a wealth of exciting flavors and tastes at affordable prices.