DuroMax XP13000HX generators are great machines for a variety of applications. From powering your home during a power outage or camping on the weekends, these generators are great for first responders, campers, and serious DIYers alike. There is no doubt that these generators are capable to power up all food truck appliances. But are the impressive amount of power and affordable price enough to look past the noise? Let’s go over the good, the bad, and the loud.

There are several Duromax models with 13kW of starting power, the E, EH, DX, HX, and X series. They all have nearly identical specifications, with differences in design, and control panel solutions. We’ll go over the main specs of all of them, with emphasis on differences.

Features Overview

  • 500 cc, 3600 rpm, 4-Cycle Air-Cooled Spark-Ignition
  • Electric Start and Pull Start (in case battery dies)
  • 13,000 watts peak / 10500 watts running
  • 8.3 gallon tank capacity
  • 108.33 peak amps / 87.5 running amps at 120V
  • Low oil shutdown protects engine from damage due to low oil levels.
  • Heavy-duty steel roll cage protects the generator during transportation and storage
  • Comes with a different set of outlets depending on the series
duromax xp13000

Fuel Type

Duromax XP13000E and XP13000X run on gasoline only, while XP13000EH, XP13000DX and DuroMax XP13000HX use the dual fuel technology and can run on gasoline or propane, giving you the freedom and flexibility of fuel choice.

Performance and Fuel Consumption

The Duromax XP13000 is capable of producing 13000 peak watts on gasoline, and about 10500 running watts which will allow you to run even the most demanding appliances. The wattage is slightly lower when running on propane, but it is still an admirable amount.

This generator has a huge tank holding up to 8.8 gallons of gasoline. The fuel consumption is 467 watts / hour (at 100%) and 225 watts / hour (at 50%). This means that you will be able to run it for 9 hours at 100% load and up to 18 hours at 50% load.


Build Quality and Design

The build quality of this generator is decent. It does have some plastic parts that are prone to breaking if thrown around or dropped. A steel roll cage surrounds its body and a plastic control panel. The handles and wheels are made out of rubber and it has protective covers on the outlets so you don’t accidentally drop something in them.

This generator is very light considering its size, but this also makes it easier to tip over if you’re not careful that nobody is behind it. It is best to put the generator on a flat surface during steady use.

duromax 13000hx

What is the difference between E, EH, DX, HX and X series?

Now that we have a list of features for all of the DuroMax generators, let’s go over what makes each one different from the other. The most obvious difference in these machines is in their design. Rather than making a single model that has a roll cage, control panel in the middle, and outlets on both sides of the roll cage, DuroMax decided to split their line into 4 different designs.

The E series is a very basic design. It’s identical in features to DX and HX generators with the exception of rubber feet instead of skid plates.

The EH series is identical to the DX and HX, but includes an onboard battery charger. This allows you to charge your car battery at home or on the go with your generator.


EH series

DX series

duromax hx

HX series

duromax x series

X series

Fuel type Gasoline and Propane Gasoline and Propane Gasoline and Propane Gasoline
Battery included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Receptacles 5-20R x 2
L5-30R x 1
L14-30R x 1
14-50R x 1
12V x 1
5-20R x 4
L5-30R x 1
L14-30R x 1
14-50R x 1
5-20R x 4
L5-30R x 1
L14-30R x 1
14-50R x 1
5-20R x 4
L5-30R x 1
L14-30R x 1
14-50R x 1
Warranty 3 Year 5 Year 3 Year 5 Year

The DX series has a control panel with circuit breakers on the right side of the machine. Other than that, it is identical to HX models besides.

The HX series uses a sealed gel battery that doesn’t require all the maintenance of lead acid batteries. Also, like EH generators, it includes an onboard battery charger.

The X series is the top of the line design for DuroMax generators, and includes fully automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which keeps the output voltage steady despite load changes. It also has sealed gel batteries like HX series, but it’s designed more like an industrial generator than a typical consumer model. For example, it has easy access to the engine oil drain plug.

Control Panel

The layout of the control panel is where the most differences are. E, EH and X series units have control panels with push-buttons and LED lights.

The DX and HX series use switches similar to an AVR power station for their circuit breakers. It’s less intuitive, but also faster when you get used to it.

As for the outlets, each series has a different arrangement. E, EH, and X series have outlets on both sides of the roll cage, separated by a little over half its width. DX has multiple outlets, one on each side of the roll cage and the other two in front of it. This can be somewhat inconvenient if you need to plug something in on the opposite side of the roll cage.HX has outlets placed in a similar way to E and EH, but they are located closer to the front of the unit for easier access.

duromax generators control panel

Noise level

Duromax XP13000 has a mighty engine, so it does produce a lot of noise (as expected). At 50% load, it produces 78 decibels. A well-insulated muffler cuts down on some of the noise, but it is still not exactly a silent generator.

At 100% load, it produces 85-90 decibels, which is very loud. Fortunately, you’ll probably very rarely (if ever) have the generator running at 100% load during long periods of time, only for short bursts. This is still loud enough that it will bother your customers and nearby residents.

Safety Features

The best safety feature of the DuroMax XP13000E generator is its low oil shutoff sensor. This will automatically turn off the engine if the oil level gets too low. Some models are also equipped with the CO alert that will trigger if dangerous CO levels get too high.

Another safety feature is the circuit breaker placement on control panels of DX and HX series generators. The breakers are placed so you can switch them off quickly if needed. The X and HX series also include a tilt switch that automatically shuts off the engine when it’s in danger of tipping over.

Because this is a gasoline-powered generator, it is very important that you follow safety procedures. Keep this in mind during installation, such as keeping it at least 10 feet away from windows and doors.

Assembly and Mounting

For example, it doesn’t tell you to put the gas tank in before putting on the air filter cover. This is a common mistake most people make and causes a lot of frustration. You have to turn it upside down and put in one screw at a time. If you have a bad back or cannot lift 40 lbs, I suggest getting someone to help you put it together. It has standard moldings so it is very easy for you to wire into the generator and attach another cord to it.

What Customers Say

The majority of customers who reviewed the product on Amazon were pleased with their purchase. One customer wrote that the DuroMax XP13000E ran for 20 hours straight during Hurricane Sandy without any issues. Another review said it performed well in the midst of thunderstorms and rain. There are also mentions of how easy it was to use and to transport.

A few customers were not as satisfied and complained about the generator breaking down or having their gas tank split open after only a few uses. One customer was upset because they found out it wasn’t CARB compliant and couldn’t use it in California. Many people mentioned how loud the generator was, so if you’re sensitive to that you might want to get earplugs.

What we liked about Duromax XP13000

  • This is a powerful and efficient generator (the best for its size)
  • You can use it as a regular extension cord with the built-in GFCI outlets. It starts automatically when you plug something in, which is always a nice feature.
  • Despite being so loud, it gets good reviews about how reliable it is.
  • This generator can power the most power-hungry food trucks, while still being more affordable than high-end units like Honda EB10000, or NorthStar.
  • DuroMax DX and X Series generators come with 5 Year Residential Warranty and lifetime customer support.

What we didn’t like about Duromax XP13000

  • It’s too loud for residential areas. If you need a generator that will work well in your neighborhood, we recommend getting one with a “cabinet” style muffler (like the Honda EB10000 or Schneider XW7000).
  • Some older models might not be CARB certified, so make sure to check it.
  • It’s a little pricier than other models in the same category, but still less expensive than Honda EB10000 or NorthStar generators.
  • Not suitable for powering up sensitive electronic devices, as its THD is not low enough.


Bottom line

The DuroMax XP13000E and DuroMax XP13000EH are suited for people who need a huge amount of power and don’t mind the noise level. If the noise level is a concern for you as for many other food truck operators, we can’t recommend it.

But we would recommend the WEN 56380i as a much, much quieter alternative. It produces slightly less power which might be a concern for some people, but it is still a very powerful generator and could realistically run everything you need. It is also much quieter than other gasoline generators, which will make the customers happy.