food truck deep fryers

Fried foods are the food truck menu favorite that keeps customers coming back. Everything from chicken strips, wings, egg rolls, and even french fries are better fried in a deep fryer, in the oil hot enough to seal in the moisture, but not so high that it burns. No convection oven can achieve the fried crunch, but a good commercial deep fryer sure can.

When buying a deep fryer for food truck, there is a lot to take into account. With kitchen space confined, it’s important to consider the size of the unit. And while it’s important to make sure the fryer will fit in your truck, you also need to consider how much oil it can hold and how much food it can prepare. There is also a concern about the wattage, as well as the proper ventilation.

On the other side, there are so many different models of deep fryers available on the market, each one with its own advantages and disadvantages. That is why we have made a list of the best commercial deep fryers for a food truck, so you can avoid all the trial and error, or countless hours of research, and focus on what’s most important – making delicious fried food.

Top 6 Commercial Deep Fryers

Here are our top picks for deep fryers perfect for a food truck. We understand that not all food trucks or mobile food stands have the same needs, so we have included various options, with different purposes.

Hopekings Professional-Style Deep Fryer 3600W 2x6L

Equipped with innovative thermal devices, this equipment can keep your food hot and crispy for up to three hours. It has a 3600W combined power that provides an amazing frying performance even during the busiest rush hours. You can use it to fry a variety of foods, including seafood, chicken wings, egg rolls, and more.

The stainless steel design makes this fryer easy to clean. It also has a large capacity food basket with a folding handle for safety when in use. The heating element is made from high strength aluminum core for even heat distribution. This is one of the more affordable deep fryers that are equipped for commercial use. Read the full review of the Hopekings fryer here.


  • Two 1800W immersive type heating elements
  • Adjustable thermostat: between 140 and 392 degrees F.
  • Capacity: 12.7QT/12L(2x6L)
  • Removable oil tanks
  • Residue plate for filtering out the dregs.
hopekings professional double fryer


  • Affordable
  • Double cooking power cuts down on frying time
  • Quick to heat up
  • Adjustable temperature


  • Wire mesh might not be good for holding batter.
  • Some parts are of questionable quality.

Winco EFS-16 Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

This heavy-duty deep fryer for food truck will be able to handle anything you throw at it. It’s a single basket, countertop electric fryer that holds 16 gallons of oil. The heating power is 1,593W and it has an adjustable thermostat between 170 and 375 degrees F as well as an overheating protection system that turns it off if it detects a malfunction. The stainless steel body will help maintain a steady temperature and the heavy-duty leg supports will keep your food truck or stand nice and stable.

This fryer will work for almost anything you use it for. It’s not just heavy-duty but also long-lasting, with a powerful element that holds the temperature even during the busiest hours. The stainless steel exterior means it’s easy to clean and maintain. It is a little pricier than the other fryers on this list, but still more affordable than some of the restaurant-grade ones.


  • Commercial fry basket with safe secure handle
  • Removable stainless steel fry well(s) for easy cleaning; fry well cover(s) included
  • Removable powerhead
  • 16 lb oil capacity = 2.3 gallons
  • Overall dimensions: 11-3/4″L x 16″W x 13-5/8″H
  • 120V~60Hz, 1750W, 15A
winco efs16 deep fryer


  • Powerful heating element
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Durable construction


  • Heavy (80lbs)
  • Some users reported leakage problems. The adjustable thermostat is not as accurate as it should be.​

WeChef Large Commercial Deep Fryer 5000W 24L

This stainless steel commercial electric fryer with 5000W of heating power is perfect for most small to medium-sized food stands or trucks. It has 24L, or 6 gallons of oil capacity and its heating element is 1750W. The adjustable temperature goes between 140-392 degrees F, and the lid can be opened easily with no hassle even during frying. The tank, basket, and parts of this fryer are all removable so you can clean them easily.

This is a quality deep fryer for the money. It has enough power to heat up quickly and it’s durable enough for everyday use. The adjustable thermostat is accurate, and the heating element doesn’t give any issues. It’s also not too heavy (16.76 lbs), so you can transport it easily on your food truck or stand.


  • Over 6 gallon oil capacity
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel exterior
  • 2 baskets: 8.8lbs each = 17.6 lbs total
  • 1750W immersion heating unit with thermal cut off protection
  • Adjustable thermostat: 140-392 degrees F.
  • Cool-touch handle and lid knob
wechef large commercial fryer


  • Solid construction with cool-touch elements
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • High oil capacity for longer frying times


  • Some users reported leakage problems.
  • The adjustable thermostat is not as accurate as it should be.​
  • The thermostat is not in Fahrenheit

Waring Commercial WDF75RC

This 8.5lb commercial countertop deep fryer with 1800W of heating power is an affordable option for most food truckers or small stands who are looking for a quality product! The stainless steel exterior will keep it nice and cool while the special cool-touch handle means you can easily open the lid during frying without risking burns.

This deep fryer is perfect for food trucks, take-out restaurants, or any other business looking to save space and money. It’s affordable, compact, and it has everything you need for your fryer including an adjustable thermostat that goes as high as 390 degrees F. This fryer holds a capacity of 8.5 pounds and features twin steel wire baskets that can hold up to 3 pounds each. The oil capacity is 6 gallons which means you won’t have to change the oil as often. This deep fryer is easy to use, simple to set up, and it won’t take up too much space on your truck or stand.


  • 2 twin baskets with 3 lb. food capacity – stainless steel with removable handles
  • 30-minute timer and variable temperature control up to 390˚F
  • 1800W
  • Hinged heating element and removable stainless steel tank
  • Compact footprint
  • Limited One-Year Warranty
waring wdf75rc commercial deep fryer


  • Adjustable temperature goes up to 390 degrees F
  • Twin baskets for frying two different foods at the same time
  • Compact footprint


  • Some users reported issues with the thermostat accuracy.
  • The baskets are not dishwasher safe.

T-fal Deep Fryer Model FR8000

T-fal FR800 is a great deep fryer that can hold around 2 pounds of food and features a powerful heating element of 1700W. This deep fryer has a special design for collecting excess oil from the foods you’re frying which means you’ll have less of a mess afterwards. The cool touch exterior also makes it easier to load or unload your food whenever you need to.

The oil capacity is around 2 pounds but there’s also an oil filtration system that will collect any excess oil and minimize the mess you’ll have to deal with after each use. At first glance, this unit seems too small for a commercial kitchen, but we were most impressed with its performance. With the oil filtration feature, professional-grade heating element, and all parts dishwasher-safe, we believe that it would be great for those just starting with their food truck business. It has a great price to value ratio, so you might even consider purchasing two.


  • 2lbs oil capacity
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • 1700W heating with cool-touch exterior
  • Patented oil filtration system
t-fal fr8000 with oil filtration


  • Filter collects excess oil automatically to minimize the mess you’ll have to deal with.
  • Compact design to save space on your truck or stand.


  • Some users reported issues with the indicator light.
  • The oil filtration system can make a mess if you’re not careful.

KITMA 40 lb. Liquid Propane/ Natural Gas 3 Tube Floor Fryer

Floor-type fryers are often not the best option for food trailers and food trucks, but if you have enough space to fit in one, you should definitely consider it. KITMA 3 Tube Floor Fryer is a great option for those who want the power of a floor fryer but in a limited space. This unit can hold as much as 40 pounds of oil and features powerful 3 tubes which means you’ll get faster cooking times overall. It can work with both propane and natural gas which will give you more freedom while choosing your cooking fuel.

The sturdy stainless steel construction features two separate fry pots that are completely detachable, so you can also use them for other purposes. It has a sleek design with its control panel at the front, and it’s very easy to maintain. If you’re in the market for a commercial fryer that will fit your budget and take up very little space, this is one of the best options.


  • 40lb oil capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Detachable and dishwasher safe parts
  • Natural gas or propane compatibility
KITMA 40 lb. Liquid Propane/ Natural Gas 3 Tube Floor Fryer


  • Two separate fry pots for different purposes.
  • Great design to fit in small spaces.
  • One of the most affordable floor fryers available.


  • A bit heavy due to larger size, so you might need help transporting it when needed.

What to look for in a commercial deep fryer

Which size do you need?

Before going for a particular brand or model, it’s important to figure out how much food will you be frying in one single batch. While most people choose these appliances for cooking french fries, they can also cook other foods like chicken wings, chicken nuggets, onion rings, and more.

Commercial deep fryers come in various sizes: 2 pounds, 4 pounds, 6 pounds or 8.5 pounds. Depending on the size you pick, you can serve about 4 to 7 customers with a single batch of fried foods. If your business is more on the catering side where you’ll be serving meals for around 5 people, then anything from 2-pound up to 6 pounds should be perfect. However, if you’re planning to cater and sell fries at the same time, you should look for a fryer with a higher capacity.

When choosing the size of unit you need, keep in mind that most manufacturers will suggest that you buy the largest unit possible. This might feel counterintuitive because if you think about it, smaller units are more energy-efficient and they’ll fit nicely on your food truck or stand. However, there are plenty of reasonable arguments in favor of a bigger capacity fryer, more on that later.

french fries in a deep fryer

Electric or Gas Fryers?

If you have a gas line on your food truck, there’s no need to worry about choosing between an electric or gas fryer. If not, then it will come down to personal preferences and the power source that’s available to you.

Electric deep fryers are more energy-efficient than gas, but if you’re in a place with no easy access to an electrical outlet, you may need to consider a generator to run it. Otherwise, you’ll either need to run an extension cord or risk cooking during off-peak hours. They also require a larger footprint and although they don’t cost as much as gas-powered fryers, the initial investment can be quite high considering other factors.

Gas-powered fryers are more powerful and they’re suitable for remote areas where you can’t connect to a power source. They’re also better when it comes to cooking large batches of food as fast as possible and don’t require an extension cord if the space is available, but this depends on how many burners you have. If you’re looking for a gas-powered unit with 3 or more burners, then you’ll end up paying more than what you would for an electric one.

Countertop or a floor model?

The choice between a countertop or floor model mostly depends on the space you have available. When it comes to price, countertop fryers tend to be cheaper compared to floor models because of their compact design and size. Floor fryers, on the other hand, are better in terms of functionality and capacity.

Unless you have a very large food truck, then you have no room to accommodate a floor fryer with its table-like stand. So if your kitchen is already cramped and cluttered up, then opting for an indented tabletop unit will save you the hassle.

Ease of use and safety features

While modern deep fryers are very easy to use, you’ll still want something that’s easy to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance. No one wants a unit that will break down after 3 or 4 years because it can be quite costly at times. If you’re worried about the risk of fire while cooking with oil, then go for an explosion-proof model with a built-in fire detection system. One of most reliable brand is Henny Penny, an American manufacturer of commercial grade food equipment based in Eaton, Ohio.

In a busy kitchen, you want something that will not only save time and effort but safety. Having to put on gloves just to check the oil level or lift a heavy container of hot oil can be dangerous and take its toll on your back in no time. Look for a fryer with detachable baskets and an outside hook if possible because it’ll make things much easier for you.

Price vs performance ratio

This is a general rule for nearly every commercial kitchen equipment and choosing a high-quality product that delivers better value for money is always the best choice.

Price: Deep fryers range in price from $50 up to $500 depending on capacity and brand, but you should probably stay within the upper-middle tier (around $200) if you want something that’s practical and will last long enough to make it worth the investment.

Performance: As mentioned earlier, how much food It can fry at once can be quite important for mobile deep fryers because you don’t want to come back after 10 minutes to check on it and not find anything done yet. So if you want something that will cook batches of fries quickly, go for a unit with 4 or 5 burners, otherwise a 3-burner fryer will do just fine.

Bottom line

Do some research and read some deep fryer reviews online before buying one because it’ll help you get a better idea of ​​what’s on the market. Also keep in mind that to prepare delicious fried foods, in addition to a fryer you will also need oil, a cooking thermometer, storage, and ventilation. Take look at our list of appliances any commercial kitchen needs. We hope that our guide and reviews will help you pick the perfect model for your setup.