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Catering for Quinceanera

2021-09-17T12:00:56+00:00September 15, 2021|Catering|

The traditional Hispanic Quinceanera event, celebrating your daughter’s fifteenth birthday, is often said to involve as much preparation and organizational skills as a wedding. Assuming you want it to be an outstanding success. Your daughter will be primarily concerned with choosing the most gorgeous Quinceanera dress for herself and beautiful [...]

Dealing With Angry Customers

2021-09-18T10:27:47+00:00September 7, 2021|Catering|

There’s no going around it, when you’re in the hospitality business, you’re going to deal with lots of irate, irrational and very angry people. Most of the day you’ll have mellow, friendly customers that are pleased with the meal and on their way, but once in a while you’ll get [...]

Types of Stoves in Gastro Trucks

2021-09-15T11:30:08+00:00September 7, 2021|Catering|

Food trucks aren’t all that different than a regular restaurant when you compare what types of stoves they use, but we’ll list all the different stoves and their pros and cons. Still the best, cooking with propane hasn’t changed for a long while, and we’re still using good, old and reliable [...]

How to Cook a Live Lobster at Home

2021-09-18T10:49:25+00:00September 7, 2021|Catering|

Lobsters are the quintessential luxury food these days; once upon a time, they were used as fertilizer and considered a poor man’s meal. While they are pretty expensive in restaurants, preparing a lobster at home is not too far out of reach for an average American family. You’re most likely looking [...]

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